We have entered a new dawn of awareness. It is a time for creating a new culture that serves and includes the entire human and more than human family. We recognize the necessity of living in Kinship for the future of all. Through self examination and deep reflection into our habits and practices the ways we live our lives can lead us to a realization of humanity which honors the rights of all. We know the systems and strategies we have used until now are not sufficient to the crisis at hand. It is time to re-imagine our path with courage and bold action. Now is the time for us to do the work by creating and sharing training, studying together, and taking powerful and effective action to move ourselves, our planet, and our beloved community toward a better world.


To ground our spiritual ideals in service to humanity and our relation to the earth, and awareness of injustice and sustainability.

To educate and empower our spiritual family to transform human systems and structures that separate us from equitable interbeing.


We envision a robust, thriving, collaborative response to the needs of the world. We operate from our recognition of One Being in many forms and find consensus through listening compassionately to all voices. We surrender power, comfort, attachment to outcome, and embrace self-reflection with the courage to ask the hard questions. We recognize and make visible our work to extend its reach.



The previous Brotherhood/Sisterhood Ray has been renamed the Kinship Ray, in recognition of the fact that there are more than two genders in the world today.

There are at least 3 interrelated beams in this ray, suggestions for which we offer below as examples.

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The following folx have been working to bring this new ray to our Ruhaniat. Any of them would be pleased to talk with you more about any of the above.

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